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An Remote Administration Tool (jRat, BlackShades, Darkcoment, IRC) An PlanetMineCraft account

An Crypter

Distant Administration Tools:

I will advise you to use DarkComent in the commence. If you don't have a Crypter you can use jRat (you actually don't need to crypt it because it's JAVA and JAVA will not be scanned automatically by the victum's disease scanner.


I almost know definitely that you have heard about PlanetMinecraft, Should you didn't learned about PlanetMinecraft Let me explain you quickly: PlanetMinecraft is an Forum regarding MineCraft where you can upload all different things about MineCraft, you can upload facts, servers, texturepacks and in addition MODS. All of us will first upload our own texturepack. There are 2 techniques how you can use this eBook.

Best (Not actually good)

Just search on the internet for the texturepack of MineCraft, if you have one call and make an post about it and variant some things about the texturepack. You can now set your infected server inside the folder and say that it can be done all automatic (They will open it because they are not really smart with computers).

Number 2 (Best one)

You will the actual same thing the things i told you in number 2 but you won't contaminate the texturepack but you wait until you reach lvl 12 ( will probably be done in 1 day or so) just publish 3 texturepacks and let good friends download this a couple of times (with VPN on) and you will reach your lvl fast. When you are lvl twelve you can publish mods, build your own imod (example: Left4Dead) search on yahoo for some pictures about left4dead and content them on the website (Now putting your infected file in the folder).

Extra note:

You can create more accounts simply using a VPN or perhaps TOR and present your MOD diamonds (likes) and feedback that their working great. More people will download it then but it will surely be positioned very high in the MineCraftPlanet list.

An Crypter:

If you don't have the money to buy a great crypter you can buy an crypted file. Most of the people will do it...

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