With Wonderful Power Comes Great Responsibility Essay

" With Great Electricity comes Great Responsibility”

What is Power? For me, Power is having knowledge. We all believe the famous range, " Understanding is Power”. When we are knowledgeable we have know-how. When we include knowledge, we have power. In dictionaries, they define the phrase " Power” as to be able to do or act with vigor and strength. Very well, we sometimes associate the term power with superheroes, mythical creatures, and real life, most importantly, government officials.

Today, Let me talk about my ideas by what the word " Power” is about. Why do we sometimes use the power within a wrong method? Like for example, federal government officials. They actually have the power. The power to rule, the power to support programs for the needy, the strength to protect the rights from the people. But , do they have the obligation on carrying out all these items? No, they don't. Last February 6, 2012, we certainly have experienced a very strong earthquake with a magnitude of six. 9 and an power of 7. Persons in the northern part of Negros were afflicted the most. Very well, as what I have heard from your news, as well as the term of who will be responsible, if the earthquake happened, a area in Negros was greatly damaged. Good news says that this particular town was not helped by the government right away mainly because their gran didn't survey immediately with what happened to them. Basically it the mayor's work to report to the highest placement in the federal government of the Republic of the Philippines? It should be the mayor's responsibility. Look so what happened. People were starving. They need foodstuff, water and shelter.

Through the earthquake, I was able to feel that nature actually is powerful. Goodness created all of us with the benefits of knowledge. God gave all of us the responsibility on taking care of almost all His masterpieces. But what possess we done? We mistreated our power. Because of the earthquake, many families lost their home and family and friends. The zone of Negros were tremendously affected, tracks and bridges were broken. Another sort of the damaging...

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