Team Operate Essay

What happened and why: Seagate is among the largest digital content storage area companies in the world and offers business in about 15 countries around the globe in European countries, Asia plus the US (©2011 Seagate Technology LLC). To produce the ultimate team-building experience, annually Seagate delivers 250 high-performing employees to Queenstown, close to Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand. This tests all of their physical and emotional boundaries of stamina (Max, 2006). This is a best selling program amongst Seagate personnel and is referred to as " Eco Seagate”. The corporation spent a whopping sum of $9000 per person, and the aim of this exercise is to boost the employee morale, support office amity, and encourage teamwork (Max, 2006). Seagate's CEO Watkins wanted individuals to experience the power that distinguishes an informal group from a high performing group. He also wants to enhance his business culture by reinforcing these kinds of norms and attitudes that encourage team operate, perseverance and endurance. For what reason did I actually decide to write about this?: I've been working for Seagate technology for about 10 years and have been witnessing this herculean hard work of team development since 2001. I attended a scaled down version of Environmental Seagate at the begining of 2002, which has been equally demanding and tough but offered me a new way of thinking about staff dynamics. The existing form of Eco Seagate is known as a week-long teambuilding program, which includes a 10-mile travel, 12-mile motorcycle ride through mountain surfaces, navigating regarding 3 miles in a boat, rappelling down cliffs and more. The last time of the concern combines these adventurous activities into one 25-mile (40 kilometers) race. About arrival in Queenstown, the 250 Seagate employees had been divided into 60 teams of five people every single; in most cases the team members had never met before and in some cases didn't possibly speak the same language nevertheless were supposed to work together to complete the Eco-challenge. This event, which some call up a sociable experiment, is definitely pet task...

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