Starch, Glycogen and Cellulose Essay

Charlene Villanueva - Biology

Charlene Villanueva - Biology

Starch, Glycogen and Cellulose Independent Analysis

A polysaccharide is a long string of monosaccharide molecules, kept by glycosidic bonds. They are generally not sweet in taste, insoluble in water and quite often do not produce crystals once water is taken out. Starch

Starch is known as a complex sturdy carbohydrate, consisting glucose molecules held with each other by glycosidic bonds. It is just a storage polysaccharide. They can be found in fruits, seed, roots and other parts of the rose. The monomer of starch is glucose. Therefore , starch molecules may be made by polymerisation reaction, exactly where glucose molecules are joined together to form a long chain. These starch molecules will be held by simply glycosidic bonds. Uses of starch

5. Forms parts of a cellular wall

5. Energy storage area

* Can be digested by simply humans with amylase to generate glucose to get respiration 2. Plants employ starch while stored energy for later use, disregarding it to glucose pertaining to respiration

Starch is a polysaccharide, so it provides very large substances. This means they are really insoluble, thus they are suitable for storage since they do not do osmosis, usually do not easily dissipate out of cells; is compact because of its glycosidic bonds' aspects giving it a coiled structure, allowing for them to be stored in tiny places. Also, it is made up of tiny sub-units of alpha-glucose, making it simpler for enzymes (amylase) in order to down the molecule for an effective release of glucose intended for respiration.


Glycogen is a highly branched polysaccharide which is the key form of storage area in animals. It has a similar structure to starch, but glycogen offers shorter restaurants. It is generally stored in tiny granules in animals Glycogen structure is similar to the structure of starch. Therefore , this can be a large molecule, making it insoluble so it is suitable for storage in animals. Also, it is compact due to the glycosidic provides giving it the coiled composition, so they can become...

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