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Declan Dixon, representative of marketing pertaining to Warner-Lambert Ireland in europe (WLI), evaluated two different sales forecasts as he considered the upcoming kick off of NiconilВ®, scheduled To get January 1990. Niconil was an innovative new product that assured to help the thou-sands of smokers who attempted to stop smoking cigarettes each year. More commonly known basically as " the area, " Niconil was a transdermal skin plot that steadily released nicotine into the bloodstream to alleviate the physical indications of nicotine withdrawal. Now in October of 1989, Dixon and his personnel had to determine several essential aspects of the item launch. There were different opinions about how Niconil should be charged and in what quantities it might sell. Costs deci-sions could directly effect product profitability as well as revenue volume, and accurate revenue forecasts were vital to planning satisfactory production capacity. Finally, the product team required to reach opinion on the Niconil communications plan to meet advertising dead-lines and to ensure an integrated product launch. Company Qualifications

Warner-Lambert was an international pharmaceutical and customer products business with over $4 billion dollars in throughout the world revenues anticipated in 1989. Warner-Lambert client products (50% of throughout the world sales) included such brands as Dentyne chewing gum, Listerine mouth wash, and Hall's cough drops. Its pharmaceutic prod-ucts, advertised through the Parke Davis Department, included medicines for dealing with a wide variety of problems, including heart problems and bronchial disorders. Research Associate Leslie P. Smith prepared this situatio under the supervi-sion of-Professor John A. Quelch as the basis for class discussion rather than to illustrate either effective or perhaps ineffective handling of an administra-tive situation. Copyright laws © 1992 by the Chief executive and Geniuses of Harvard College. Harvard Business College Case 9-593-008. To purchase copies or perhaps request agreement to recreate materials, phone 1-800-545-7685, create Har-vard Organization School Publishing, Boston, MUM 02163, or go to No element of this publication may be produced, stored in a retrieval program, used ¡n a schedule, or sent in any type or by any means—electronic, mechanical, copying, recording, or perhaps otherwise—without the permission of Harvard Business School.

Warner-Lambert's Irish supplementary was expected t( create ВЈ30 mil in revenue revenues in 1989: ' ВЈ22 million lion via exports of manufactured products to othe Warner-Lambert subsidiaries in The european countries and ВЈ4 millioi every from pharmaceutical and buyer products sale: within Ireland in europe. The Irish drug market was predicted a ВЈ155 million (in manufacturer sales) in 1989. Warned Lambert was the sixteenth-largest pharmaceutical com-pany in worldwide revenues; in Ireland, this ranked 6th. Dixon was confident that WLI's location in the Irish

market would ensure market acceptance, of Niconil. The

Parke Davis Division got launched two new drugs suc-

cessfully within the earlier nine weeks: Dilzem, a treat-

ment for heart disease, and Accupro, a blood pressure

medication. The momentum was expected to continue.

The Irish market could be the first country launch pertaining to

Niconil and so serve as a test market for all of Warner-

Lambert. The companywide value of the Niconil

launch had not been lost on Dixon when he pondered the mar-

keting decisions before him..,

Cigarette smoking ВЎn the Republio of Ireland

Almost ВЈ600 million can be spent by simply Irish smokers on three hundred million provides of cigarettes in 1989; this kind of included govt revenues from your tobacco sales tax of ВЈ441 million. Of 3. 5 million Irish citizens, 30% from the 2 . 5 mil-lion adults smoked cigarettes (compared with 40% of adults in ls Europe and 20% inside the United States). 2 The quantity of smokers in Ireland got peaked -in the later 1970s together been weak steadily seeing that. Table A presents info from a 1989 review that WLI had entrusted of a demographically...

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