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Finolex Cables Limited, the flagship company from the Finolex Group was established in 1958 in Pune. Today, it is India's largest and leading manufacturer of electric powered and telecommunication cables which has a turnover above Rs. 18 Billion

Starting with a simple beginning way back in 1958, Finolex has steadily grown and transformed to post a Rs. 2, 90 crore yield in 2011-12. From modernizing plants with state of the art technology to providing innovative methods to customers to our continual increasing reach. Above the six decades Finolex has imbibed growth through technology, network and people and has emerged as a extremely powerful manufacturer. Today the name Finolex has become associated with top quality and enjoys overwhelming self-confidence of the buyers. While boosting our sizes in electrical, data and telecommunication wires, the company provides augmented it is product stock portfolio by foraying into the production of high volt quality power cords, electrical fuses & equipment and lighting products. The huge growth of THAT and marketing and sales communications industry in India is known as a globally known fact. We have made quick advancements in neuro-scientific technology plus the need for particular and specialized fibre optics communication alternatives in the rising data communication sectors like telecommunications, IT/ITES, medical travel and leisure etc is usually serviced with our high quality fiber optic and networking cables.

product holder includes, power wires, commercial cables, turning wires and 3 core flat cabling for submersible pumps inside the agriculture sector, auto wires for the automotive industry, communication cables just like indoor phone cables, jelly filled telephone cables, optic fibre wires and optic fibre, LAN cables for networking, low voltage, method voltage and high voltage electricity cables intended for the power industry, coaxial wires for the DTH and entertainment sector, electrical switches and accessories, lighting products which includes compact fluorescent lamps, T5 tubes and fittings among others

The company has brought several honours such as Harvard Business School Association of India - Economic Occasions award pertaining to " company excellence"; IIM - LIC award for 'marketing' and the Engineering Export Promotion Council's 'export functionality certificate'. Recently, the company was awarded the Export Residence status by the Directorate Standard of Foreign Trade.


Finolex Wires Ltd Ideas to Spend Rs 1 . almost 8 billion to enhance /Rebalancing of Capacities. Finolex Cables Ltd, the flagship company with the Finolex Group is India's largest and leading manufacturer of electrical and telecommunication cables with a turnover in excess of Rs. 18 Billion (about US $320 million). � The company plans to spend Rs 1 . almost 8 billion to enhance /rebalancing of capacities for the production of various wire and cable products at its making units by Roorkee in Uttarakhand and Urse in Maharashtra above the next couple of years. This will help in adding to the entire revenues of company


Present position of wires and cables - There is an overall de-growth in the require. The main area of issue the market is in the electrical power cable portion, where the development capacity is far more than require as of now. The slackness in demand is owing to the slowdown in economic climate and specially the poor progress of electricity projects. Deficit of fuel has additionally added to the condition.

On the options front, there has always been very good growth of with regard to wires and cables. As an emerging economy, India will certainly possess good GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT growth, which will translate into improved demand. New releases in the switchgear products portion are likely to gain profits. The limits of all main cities are expanding as a result of rapid urbanization. This will necessitate higher using underground wires. Many distribution utilities are converting all their overhead systems to underground to ensure reliability of electric power and most...

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