Part 16 Overview

Most of the world's largest countries are extremely multicultural. China is a great exception. Almost all Chinese people speak Mandarin or a related language, and many Chinese people have considered themselves Chinese intended for millennia. Precious stone theorizes that China was once as linguistically and culturally diverse as Russia or Brazil, yet that China and tiawan began their process of concentration far earlier. To support this time, Diamond becomes first to Chinese different languages. Mandarin and its seven close relatives, all Sino-Tibetan 'languages', are collectively spoken by simply 1 . you billion China people. These types of languages can be found alongside 130 other languages, each of which is spoken by a smaller population. China's languages get into four households. The Sino-Tibetan languages are spoken by the majority of the individuals throughout the nation, whereas isolated islands of people speak the other 4 families of dialects. Most of these dialects are related to languages spoken in a variety of Southeast Asian countries. Diamonds believes the speakers of such languages were the original inhabitants of precisely what is now Southern region China. He thinks north Chinese speakers of Sino-Tibetan languages conquered their neighbours to the South, either adopting all of them into Chinese language cultures or pushing these people into Southeast Asia. Farming began in China in least by simply 7500 M. C., perhaps earlier. It may well have originated in two distinctive parts of Cina, but the archaeological record is uncertain.... Learning much more. (The whole section can be 425 words and phrases. )

Chapter 17 Summary

Long before Columbus sailed to America, people traveled lengthy distances to colonize new places. One of these movements was your Austronesian development, a activity of southeast Asians into Indonesia plus the Philippines. Gemstone believes which the Austronesians were originally Southern Chinese or Southeast Asians. Linguistic proof suggests that the expansion originated in Taiwan. Archaeological records corroborate the linguistic...

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