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Employee Collection: Motivation Action Plan

Determine the motivational approach or tactics that would be most appropriate for each of your 3 employees on basis of their particular individual features. Indicate how you will would leverage their staff evaluations to motivate all the three employees. Describe one or more of the mindset theories and explain how a theories connect with each of your selected mindset strategies.

Part of the team Name

Summary of Individual Characteristics

Motivational Strategy and Action Plan

Relevant Theory


Roans is satisfied with her task and positively engaged. Rosana is articles, moderately intense, and extremely smart with planned decision making tendencies Keep Rosana actively involved with decision-making. Her hard work has to be rewarded with praise and needs to be questioned to continue to stimulate her mind and keep her employed. Self Determination Theory


Diann is satisfied with her job as it meets her needs. Diann is engaged whenever the girl wants, and feels good about her employment because it satisfies her needs. Her strength could use some work and she is emotionally intelligent. Diann needs things stay basic given duties she needs. She is a performance-based employee and loves to see reimbursement for her initiatives allow overtime, however, and if additional bonuses are available make them attainable for everybody. Expectancy Theory


David is pleased with work great work environment. He is nto constantly actively engaged and is content. David is emotionally clever and will want to not produce decisions. David is a completely happy go lucky kind of person a who likes to socialize with other folks. David desires positive re-enforcement and embraces praise. David should be lauded for a work well done to motivate him to continue his efforts. Strengthening Theory

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