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Pertaining to the air travel, see 2GO (Air). For the Central Coast,  New South Wales radio station, see 2GGO. 2GO Travel and leisure

2GO Travel and leisure logo upon mall for the inIloilo

Industry| Shipping

Founded| Aboitiz

Headquarters| 15th Floor, Instances Plaza Bldg., United Nations Volatil. Cor Taft Ave. Ermita,  Manila, Philippines 1000| Essential people| Francis C. Chua,  Chairman & Impartial Director Sulficio O. Tagud Jr.,  President &  CEO

Stephen Rey Ur. Tagud, Vp for Verse &  CCO

Fred S i9000. Pajo, Business Vice President &  COO

Parent| 2GO Group


2GO, formally 2GO Travel, is known as a ferry business which is based in Manila,  Philippines and part of 2GO Group, a private company owned by the Chinese authorities through the China-Asean Investment Co-operation Fund.[1] It is a largest ferry company in the Philippines with its main centre located in Eva Macapagal Extremely Terminal in Pier 15 in the Manila South Harbor.[2] Until 2012, 2GO was known as Negros Navigation. This changed thier name following a significant realignment of ferry transportation inside the Philippines which found long-standing companies SuperFerry,  Cebu Ferries andSuperCat first merged in SuperFerry, below the Aboitiz Travel System, after which purchased by Negros Nav, in December 2010, to get US$105 million.[2] At the same time, one of China-Asean Investment Cooperation Fund, a Netherlands-based,  private equity firm totally owned by the Chinese authorities, took a controlling share in Negros Navigation through an equity infusion.[1][2] Because Negros Course-plotting was aprivately held firm the exact sum invested by the Fund was not disclosed.[3] 2GO has one of the most modern shipping and delivery fleets in the Philippines and operates the largest fleet of inter-island vessels in the area.[4]

St .  Gregory the Great (formerly SuperFerry 20 (formerly M/V Sunflower Kogane acquired from Diamonds Ferry)

SuperFerry, founded as Aboitiz Shipping Firm, later Aboitiz SuperFerry was one of the most significant ferry businesses in the Philippinesbefore it was bought by Negros Nav, which concurrently was purchased by the Chinese government through its private equity fund the China-Asean Investment Co-operation Fund, and became 2GO Travelling, part of the 2GO Group. The shipping company was noted in the nineties as William, Gothong & Aboitiz (WG& A). Aboitiz bought out your William Lines and Gothong Lines Group. The Gothong Group restarted its own delivery company called Carlos A. Gothong Lines (CAGLI), even though the William Group opted to concentrate on its strategies, warehousing, and courier organization, called Fast Strategies. SuperFerry and its sister companies SuperCat andCebu Ferries are owned or operated and operated by the former Negros Navigation when Negros Navigation bought all of Aboitiz Transport System, was acquired by China-Asean Expense Cooperation Finance, and relaunched as 2GO Travel news.

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