IS5743 S61 Case Maybelline YAO naijia Essay

п»їSession 4 -- Case Statement: Maybelline

Scholar Name: YAO Naijia

Scholar Number: 53965690

Session: S61

For this survey, please will not exceed two pages which includes this page. 1 ) Describe differences in the workflows of the IVR systems (the old one) as well as the MSP systems (the new one) at Maybelline. In IVR systems,

Reps have to do complete paper-based surveys to get data. Repetitions translate info collected in to answers towards the IVR program by important telephone secrets. The system consolidates information and delivers this to best management since hard copy in addition to MSP systems,

Reps full data collection by portable, pen-based PDAs instead of paper-based surveys. repetitions enter their very own reports by handwriting by clients' sites

Data may automatically become uploaded to the database for headquarters. 2 . What had been the benefits of the newest MSP devices by upgrading the old IVR systems? I think the main advantages of the new MSP systems happen to be as follows. This saves time and labor of reps.

With the outdated systems, repetitions have to do paper-based surveys which means they have to have a lot of period recording data. It is of low performance and inconvenient. The new system solves this problem by using hand held, pen based systems. MSP systems enable reps to data devoid of papers. This method not only saves the time of reps by 30 to 40 minutes per day although also helps you to save papers. The brand new systems give efficiency and high versatility.

Used phone systems address the condition of holds off of the statement delivery in IVR devices. In the outdated system, studies were frequently not in time which results in the delay of reports. The newest systems enable district managers to contact reps instantly and this extremely enhances the efficiency. New systems present high overall flexibility. In old systems, reps have to press appropriate keys to answer plenty of questions by which most of queries may not relevant. That will bring regarding the mistake rate details and a waste of time. New systems provide the characteristic of mistake checking and...

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