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1 Focus Catcher: You are at risk. All of us are at risk. I'm not speaking about STDs, around the world, or terrorism. I'm speaking about your life on-line. You're in danger of having your laptop taken over in order that perfect other people can read the e-mail, get your bank details, pilfer your own card figures, and even grab your personality. 2 Audience Link: Audio speakers Credibility: While college students, we're particularly prone because we all spend a lot time online. In accordance to David Tatar, administrator of Wisconsin's Consumer Office of Personal privacy Protection, thirty-two percent of all identity fraud claims will be filed by people between the ages of 18 and 29 years of age. That's the most significant percentage of any age group. 3 Audio system Credibility: We've seen this kind of over and over again at my summer work as a pc technician for a across the country computer store. You would not believe how many computers are affected and afflicted. 4 Thesis Statement: Today I'd like to make clear three steps that experts suggest for on-line security a few Preview: The three steps are using strong accounts, using secure connections, and double examining links prior to clicking on these people. Main Stage One

6th Step one: The first step is applying strong passwords—for e-mail accounts, bank accounts, and everything else that you simply do online. The actual a strong pass word? Take a look at this kind of example: IwbiP;; 4387-CSamFF. This is a long password, yet that's a part of its strength. The first criterion of any strong username and password is having 15 characters; 15 or more is usually even better—like the one I actually showed you. It should have uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation just like semicolons, hyphens, and highlights. According to Microsoft's on-line guide to creating strong passwords, when your accounts contain extended combinations of seemingly randomly letters, figures, and punctuation, your secureness increases exponentially—meaning that a username and password like the one I showed you is...

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