Impact of Social Network around the Language English Essay

The impact of social network in language English to young adults Nowadays, social networking is very popular specifically to teens. It makes communication faster and more easy. Examples pertaining to social networks will be facebook, facebook, MSN, Xanga and so on. Persons communicate through languages, and there are good and bad impacts on vocabulary English that caused by social support systems. I will explain my views in my presentation later on. First of all I would like to talk about the good impacts first. Teenagers tend to have even more chance to communicate in English through using great example of such. It is because typing or text messaging in English language is much more less difficult and faster than in Oriental. Therefore , young adults prefer to type in English. Which will definitely enhance their writing and reading skill when they drive more chance to communicate in English. Moreover, due to the problem that a few teenagers are not confident enough to talk in English, to ensure that communicate more in English through social networking will not only develop teenager's publishing and reading skill it will likewise make teens have more self-confident to talk to people face to face in English when they have developed expertise. However , you may still find some negative impacts. Many people might claim that chatting through social networks or online may possibly reduce teenager's ability to publish. It is because teens might develop some short forms once communicating through social network. For example , they favor using notification c, u and tmr to represents see you the next day, or use letter w and number 4 to represents the term before. Certainly that the utilization of those short forms is absolutely convenient and will communicate more quickly, but if teenagers used to communicate by these short varieties, and they may accidentally make use of it in their school works or other formal writings, which is not acceptable. In addition , some teens think that employing those brief forms to communicate are a symbol of " fresh generation” as well as cool which makes them prefer to use...

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