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Amazon . com. com and Toy " R” Us lawsuit

1 ) In the lawsuit, Amazon. com and Toys and games " R” Us, there were a fairly good argument in both sides. Toys and games " R” Us acquired paid more than 200 mil dollars to Amazon. com to be the just toy vendor on their site. If Amazon had maintained this contract then the two sites may have made a ton of money. By violating this agreement Amazon. com put Toys and games " R” Us in a difficult scenario where they had to deal with rivals online because of their business. Right now in most sites this is normal, but Gadgets " r” us paid a ton of money to be an exclusive doll dealer prove site. On the other hand Amazon made a well discussion that Toy " r” us failed to exactly keep your items they'd on the site in stock which intern made it so amazon . com wasn't conference deadlines. This kind of made Amazon . com lose some business, which usually made these people sell playthings from other corporations to make up the deficient and make amazon online a more trusted site. I do think that the judge made the proper call. We were holding both in an unacceptable in their own ways. Toys " r”us paid to become exclusive and so they should have been.

2 . The advantage Amazon must have deemed is that they had been paid millions of dollars to to remain exclusively to Toys " r” us. They were also paid a percentage of their product sales. Disadvantages would be that they weren't able to possess any other suppliers on their web page so that they lost a lot of business like that. But it may have equaled out if they had the two upheld their original contract.

3. I believe if Amazon online marketplace had provided more money to Toys " r” all of us and opted for not make use of other sites it might have been more desirable for Toys " r” us. Or perhaps if they had came to Toys " r”us when they weren't producing the deadlines and said they would impose for every later order to replace the loss.

4. I think that they really should have Zippos maintain their first website. It is effective and why resolve what basically broken. I don't think that they can should incorporate them.


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