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" We are the choices" (Sartre). The Publication Thief by Markus Zusack is an allegory which makes the reader be familiar with importance of choices. The story shows you the two attributes of the same choice through Liesel's life. Life is random although how we notice it is certainly not. " Picture smiling after having a slap in the face. Then imagine doing it 24 hours every day. ”(Zusack 211) The small Liesel generate life a wonder from your worst scenario and also attempts to make other folks too.

Since the publication is set in Nazi Germany the utilization of power plays a main role. Between the heroes there is a very clear separation, the powerful Nazi government and weak Germans and Jews. This makes the storyplot more tragic because people not simply need to handle the warfare adversities; likewise there is a social war in Germany. With this period Germans choose to eliminate themselves. The main characters Liesel, Max plus the Hubermans are weak and are trying to fight resistant to the powerful big in their own way; Hans helping Jews, Liesel thieving books, Utmost hiding from their website. Also this kind of division show up in the facet of power of word. Hitler uses his effective skills with words to control and control Germany in the favor. Inside the other hand Angeli 2

we have a girl that uses terms to relaxed people for the bombings, to make good. " I have resented words and I have liked them, and I hope I have made them right” (Zusack 528). Liesel understand the benefits of words and she is aware how damaging...

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With Wonderful Power Comes Great Responsibility Essay