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Topic: The result of dancehall music about teenagers in Tawes Meadows INTRODUCTION

Jamaican dance lounge originated in the 1950s, when ever young adults would gather by outdoor spots to party to music. Over time, this went from being a little music kind to rivaling the more popular reggae music. Move hall lifestyle involves women wearing small clothing, music with deep bass and even competitions to ascertain a move hall california king. Dance corridor dancers also perform a dance style generally known as " daggering, " in which dance associates engage in effective and hostile sexual positions. This move style caused the Jamaican government to ban dance hall music from a radio station and tv set. Dancehall can be described as musical style that is popular in the Carribbean and around the globe. However , the background music style comes under fireplace for the lyrics and images it creates. Because the origin of dancehall music in Jamaica it's regarded as creating effects on TEEN-AGERS and more in the society.


The researcher will be studying the effect of dancehall music upon teenagers inside the Tawes Meadows community.


The effect dancehall music produces on teens in the Tawes Meadows community.

Background towards the problem

Boogie hall music, like most music, is a form of self appearance. It is an art through which the entertainers explore and connect the events and issues with their lives. In dancehall's childhood, the meaning was mostly light-hearted as well as humorous, and it was always kept approximately clean. Which is not the case ever again today boogie hall music has changed to a new age, by popular dance corridor artist like vybz kartel, Movado, Aidonia and many more. These kinds of big time artists play a great role in young people lives today. These artist should certainly stop encourage violence and sexual slander to small women. Boogie Hall music is a vital part of Jamaican society. What would Discovery bay, jamaica be without dance lounge music? It really is unimaginable. Although dance lounge music is an important aspect of the Jamaican contemporary society this genre of music has shown to bring about equally positive and negative effects on Jamaica. Economically, dance lounge music leads to the Countrywide Income of Jamaica. Vacationers are attracted to Jamaica as a result of our music. When travelers visit Jamaica they generate foreign exchange in order to in the regarding the Jamaican economy. A number of our artists help the economy in the form of taxes. Several of our dancehall artistes possess charity programs and help in the building of community centers. This is called Social Responsibility. Whether you are a fan of dancehall music or certainly not you will even now come in contact with it. Dancehall music is everywhere in Jamaica. You could hear it when travelling in buses or taxes, when walking across the road and just regarding anywhere. Several dancehall artistes promote violence. This can bring about an increase in felony activities in Jamaica. Some of these lyrics generate it seems suitable to just damage or get rid of someone with no showing virtually any remorse. It has also been supposed that a few artists have been completely involved in many of these criminal actions. Crimes Teen Pregnancy and Sexually Sent Diseases are recorded the constant increase in Jamaica. Teenagers seem to be having more sexual human relationships than adults. Promiscuous manners that are overpowering this beautiful area have become one of many reasons for an overwhelming increase in the amount of HIV/AIDS and STD cases.


What effects doe's dancehall music creates about teenagers inside the towesmedows community?


* What genre of music is most listen by simply teenagers in the Toys Meadows community? * Does dancehall music show influence on teenagers in the toys Meadows community? 2. What are the negative and positive effect dancehall music create on teenagers in the toys medoys community 5. What procedures can be decide to try alleviate the negative...

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