Batas Militar Essay

Abby Go

Polisci Paper


Precisely thirty-nine years ago, Ferdinand Marcos, the famous dictator, authorized the assertion of Martial Law. This individual ruled the region with a great iron palm for about 20 years. The assertion underВ Proclamation 1081 suspended the civil rights and enforced military power in the country. This ensured Marcos' grip about power, in defiance from the constitutional two-term limit pertaining to Philippine presidents. The announcement also marked the dark age in Philippine history. It was during this period that numerous Filipinos faded, presumably killed. It was also then that the Marcoses took the country's wealth and indulged First Lady Imelda Marcos' preference for superb, shoes and associate themselves with the rich and renowned.

The documented entitled " Batas Militar” was shot to reminisce what had happened inside the Philippine background. How Ferdinand Marcos, coming from being a wonderful leader, changed into a monstrous dictator, how a lives of the Filipinos were affected then, and how his arch-nemeses, Ninoy Aquino led the ‘anti-Marcos' group sacrificed his lifestyle for the region. Ninoy Aquino had to flee the Thailand after he was threatened by simply Marcos. He might be in America but this individual continued to be a hero to any or all the Filipinos and bravely fought against Marcos still. Due to this, Marcos cancelled Aquino's passport. When Aquino arrived in Manila using his fake passport, he was assassinated, and up until now it has not been given any kind of justice. The death of Ninoy Aquino's death opened the sight of most of the Filipinos and took away the fears of the Filipinos. This is when the people got the guts to visit against Marcos and thus, EDSA 1 happened. When Marcos asked for a breeze election, Corazon Aquino leaped for presidency and had the trust of all Filipinos. The Aquino program ended the harsh government of Ferdinand Marcos.

Marcos, since what I include found out inside the film was extremely clever. He required the Bar and topped this while staying...

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