compare sumer and egypt Essay

Ancient Egypt was your birthplace of one of the world's first civilization, which arose about five, 000 years ago. It made an appearance in the northeastern Africa plus the Nile Riv was near by. Besides, there was clearly another world which is Sumerian Civilization. It was in the the southern part of Mesopotamian, the southeastern War at right now. Sumerian Civilization began three or more, 500 B. C. right up until 2, 1000 B. C., both Egypt and Sumer were practically in same time period, but they arose separately, and did not contact with each other, but if all of us compared that they, we may locate some similarities and some distinctions.

Firstly, both Historic Egypt and Sumer acquired similar geographies. They were close to the rivers and depended on the rivers a lot. They also had arid climates, and they had been near Mediterranean and beyond, and close to Middle East. The Earth River, the longest river in the world, was one of the most significant impacts in Ancient Egypt, as well as today in Egypt. Because of the Nile, people would have better existence even they live nearby the desert. The Nile Riv floods had been predictable annually, and presented valuable wetness and silt, those were favorable for farming. As well, the Nile developed the transportation in Ancient Egypt, it was the primary route. The Mesopotamia means " area between two rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates Riv, like the Nile in Egypt, it focused the lives of individual in Mesopotamia in Sumer. But the water damage in Mesopotamia was unstable, the burning snows for the mountains sometimes caused the river to overflow. This sometimes broken the facilities, villages, and animals, it was also hazardous for individuals nearby. Anyhow, these two waterways provided riches and power to the towns. The silts from the floods were continue to good for farming, but as opposed to the Nile River, people in Mesopotamia needed to produce connection involving the water and farmland.

Secondly, for made use of, their belief system had been both strong and anthropomorphic. They equally believed in Polytheism, and that was from nature. All...

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