Article Critique on Sikolohiyang Filipino Dissertation

Article Critique on Sikolohiyang Filipino

Feb . 19, 2012

Sikolohiyang Filipino: The Indegeneous Filipino Ideals


Because normative idea, psychology study differs around because of several cultural backgrounds and basis. As Sikolohiyang Filipino developed and proceeds its analyze, it the mark for the world psychology as it become a breakthrough to it. Regardless of its finest oponent The American Psychology. This will thoroughly support study regarding Virgilio G. Enriquez about Pagkataong Pilipino- The Value Approach to Philippine Psychology. Because I always wonder what value or values we should practice inorder to have a nonviolence living? If ever, we could determine this principles, how could all of us imply this kind of equally? With no doubts after implementing that?


Mentioned previously earlier Sikolohiyang Filipino has turned into a breakthrough to world mindset. Because it basis everything from record, language, fine art and common experience of the people. And as it probably is a first indegeneous psychology ever before thought for a college or university.

We all psychology college students who have been learning some of this kind of values and how thus this kind of affect fillipino culture. Upon our research we encounter plenty of write-ups about Sikolohiyang Philippine. That the foundation sikolohiyang filipino has been affected by lots of cultures from other countries some from Western different ones from Asian and ither Asian countries. Due to colonialization taken to our region by other countries number of years ago. That this become a great breakthrough for world mindset.

Traditions. For me it plays a lot in the examine of sikolohiyang filipino, as it refers to the practices and traditions which were handed down via generation to generation. Then again Change may be the only long lasting thing in our planet. And what it trying to prove is that lifestyle changes. It was not very hard to prove for the generation right now.

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