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3 Day Diet Analysis

Takeitha Jones


May 17, 2012

Hermosa Mottison

Being healthy is actually a hard move to make, especially when you really have the time or inspiration to pay attention to the things you eat. I have a habit of getting and eating a lot of frozen foods, which includes frosty pizzas, beer battered fish filets, macaroni and cheese, and garlic bread. My spouse and i also prepare some boxed dinners just like hamburger or perhaps tuna tool to save time on food preparation. In my normal daily diet there is not often a lot of fruits and vegetables within my daily diet, unless of course there is some sort of tomato sauce or attributes of fruit and vegetables. When comparing three day diet analysis I have realized that there isn't any consistency inside my diet. Eventually I am eating a suffiecient quantity of cause and then a few days ago I i am eating adequate enough vegetables. There have been a steady amount of poor fats within my diet which plays a big role in why I am obese. On May11, 2012 We consumed 1738 calories, my personal diet is not at all what the Meals Pyramid suggests. I consumed: 1 ВЅ ounces of grains and the target is 6 ounces, 1 Вѕ cups of vegetables as well as the target is 2 ВЅ cups, zero fruit plus the target was 1 ВЅ cups, Вѕ cups of dairy as well as the target can be 3 cups of, and a couple of ounces of proteins as well as the target is definitely 5 oz .. My diet has more excess fat than advised and I haven’t reached the target serving sizes recommended by the Food Pyramid. I will must do some adjustment to my diet to become healthy. I will try to prepare food every meal so that I can control the calorie intake, and I will have to select healthier alternatives. As a mother of two I have to show my kids the right way to eat healthy and balanced so I look up several healthy recipes and follow the foodstuff pyramid. It has been said that your meals should be vibrant and have range, I have a behavior of ingesting a lot of the same things. The moment eating starches I could choose whole grain loaf of bread or pasta. Instead of kool aid I can drink drinking water. Buy fresh fruit instead...

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